Maya Millete

Maya Millete Murder Case: Arrest Warrant Details Husband’s Unraveling

It is a case that has riveted San Diego and the nation. A family’s worst nightmare. Beautiful May “Maya” Millete, only thirty-nine years old disappeared nine months ago. Her three young children were her life, and she would never have left them voluntarily. Her...
Maya Millete Missing Poster

Maya Millete Sought a Divorce – Her Husband Murdered Her in Response Says D.A.

Beautiful, vibrant Maya Millete, only thirty-nine years old and affectionately known as “May,” seemingly disappeared into thin air nine months ago. Did this devoted mother of three, whose young children were her life, just suddenly get up and leave her San Diego home...
Jesse Gomez Trial and Officer Jonathan De Guzman

Jesse Gomez Murder Trial Begins: The Last Night of Officer Jonathan De Guzman

Jesse Gomez stands trial for killing Officer De Guzman and shooting Officer Irwin. What happened on that terrible July night? Aleida takes you into the courtroom.

Deadly Obsession and a Restraining Order Denied: The Jesse Alvarez Case

Jesse Alvarez is charged with murder of his ex-girlfriend’s fiancée. Find out why a restraining order was denied months before the fatal ambush.

Former NFL Star Kellen Winslow II Sentenced to 14 Years In Serial Rape Case

The sentencing hearing for former NFL star Kellen Winslow II was finally at hand. As the proceedings began on March 3, 2021, gone were the days of a packed courtroom overflowing with media, family members, and the interested public. The hearing now was conducted via...
Lisa Thorborg

The Unthinkable: A Carlsbad Hiker Murdered and a Teen Accused

Why was beautiful Lisa Thorborg murdered in broad daylight on a popular Carlsbad hiking trail? A teen is soon accused. Attorney and true crime writer Aleida K. Wahn takes you inside the courtroom in this tragic case.

A Deadly DUI, Shattered Lives and A Navy Officer’s Early Release: How He Killed 4 and Served 2 Years and 10 Months

Without warning death fell on them from above. First there was an ear shattering bang, screeching, and then a pickup truck fell out of the sky, twisting midair as if in a movie, before nosediving into a vendor’s booth, crushing all life beneath it. It was 3:33 p.m. in...

A Son Accused: Did Wilber Romero Set the Fire That Killed His Family?

Did Wilber Romero Set the Fiery Blaze? Wendy Romero’s hair was on fire and her desperate screams filled the night. As she stood trapped at her window her hands extended through the metal security bars flailing wildly for help. It was a ghastly scene and her neighbors,...

Police Suspected Criminalist Kevin Brown of Murder. Did Their Mistake Push Him to Suicide?

Kevin Brown had reached the end. For months he had been spiraling into despair and on October 20, 2014, he could take it no longer. Leaving his Chula Vista home and his devoted wife of 21-years, he drove to the family’s mountain cabin in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park and...

The Sex-Tape Murder Trial: Did a Sex-Tape Lead to the Murder of Beloved Peter Bentz and Will His Body Ever Be Found?

Sex-tape murder? Did Brian Hancock kill Peter Bentz after believing Bentz posted a sex-tape of the married Hancock and his secret girlfriend?

Hidden Danger: Animal Cruelty Next Door

Hidden Danger: Animal Cruelty Next Door

I am honored to be in the just released show: Hidden Danger: Animal Cruelty Next Door  It was a reign of terror which would not stop! Who was attacking beloved neighborhood dogs?  As a Navy veteran is brought to trial in this heartbreaking and terrifying case, I was...

True Crime: Case Files Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

True Crime: Case Files Magazine Fall 2018 Issue

Don't miss the Fall 2018 Issue of True Crime: Case Files Magazine! Here is a preview of this dynamic issue: Part 2 of my story  on the mysterious death of beautiful...

True Crime: Case Files Magazine Summer 2018 Issue

True Crime: Case Files Magazine Summer 2018 Issue

Don't miss the amazing summer issue of True Crime:Case Files! There are 86 pages of riveting true crime stories, book excerpts, a survivor's gripping account of the Parkland school shooting, support for crime victims, history and trivia, and so much...