I am honored to be in the just released show: Hidden Danger: Animal Cruelty Next Door 

It was a reign of terror which would not stop! WHO was attacking beloved neighborhood dogs?  As a Navy veteran is brought to trial in this heartbreaking and terrifying case, I was inside the courtroom. The haunting question remained: Why did he do it? Was the reason to be found in childhood abuse? Or was it the effects of traumatic combat battle? Or was it something else? Please join me and psychologist Dr. Brian Alman as we discuss the David Herbert criminal trial and examine the why behind animal cruelty. Though disturbing, we can’t turn away if true solutions are to be found. Find out what you can do right now to help stop the abuse of innocents. We can stop animal cruelty if we all work together!




To learn more about this case, please read my story on my website, “A Navy Veteran’s Sentencing: Why Did He Torture His Neighbors’ Dogs?”


Here is the beginning of my story: It was three months of terror for the Morales family, which ended in an act so horrifying that two years later they are still reeling and in immense pain. Even before the courtroom doors opened, the tears began to fall. It all began in 2016 when they rented a house in Oceanside. Thrilled the owner allowed them to have pets, they happily let their two dogs, gorgeous Siberian huskies named Estrella and Cocuyo, run freely in the backyard. The days of bliss were short lived though, as they were soon the target of escalating attacks.

On December 16, 2016, the family returned from breakfast and found Estrella and Cocuyo in the backyard disoriented and lethargic. A veterinarian told them it appeared like marijuana poisoning. Two months later, their dog Cocuyo went missing. He was eventually found on the Camp Pendleton military base by a good Samaritan. On February 24, 2017, Maria Morales arrived home after dropping her children off at school and discovered the dogs crying in great distress and appearing wet. Someone had poured a chemical agent on them, causing intense burning. Following this attack, the Morales family decided they would keep their dogs inside. Throughout these months, they also found their tires repeatedly slashed on their vehicles. In one frightening instance, tires exploded while Mrs. Morales was driving, causing a near accident. Who hated them and why? But the worst was yet to come.