Maya Millete Missing Poster

On January 7, 2021, beautiful May “Maya” Millete, only 39 years old and a loving mother to three young children, disappeared seemingly into thin air. Since that time, her heartbroken family has searched desperately for her, joined by a community which has expanded to national levels. The initial investigation revealed Maya wanted a divorce, but her husband, Larry, did not want to let her go.

On October 19, 2021, Larry, was charged with her murder even though Maya’s body had not been found. Larry pled not guilty, and from the beginning has insisted he had nothing to do with Maya’s disappearance. But even as the case moves forward in the criminal court, Maya remains missing, and the haunting questions loom large: Where in the world is Maya Millete? Will she ever be found?

On January 11, 2023, the long-awaited preliminary hearing for Larry Millete began in the San Diego courtroom of Judge Dwayne Moring. Although a preliminary hearing is not a full trial, but merely meant to determine if there is probable cause to order Larry to stand trial, the hearing took on trial-like proportions, lasting 10 days and with the calling of 18 witnesses.

The prosecution was represented by Deputy District Attorney Christy Bowles and the defense by attorney Bonita Martinez. Would answers finally be revealed?

Maya Called a Divorce Firm the Day She Disappeared

Desteny Johnson, a striking young woman with a head of curly red hair and dressed in a sleek black suit, was the first witness called to the stand. Prior to her testimony, I saw her walking around in the court hallway and she seemed very nervous. She testified with utmost sincerity, still shaken by the events which had transpired.

On January 7, 2021, Desteny spoke to Maya around 1:45 p.m. when Maya called Broaden Law  to move forward with a divorce. Maya told Desteny she did not want to come to the office in person as she was concerned she would be followed, did not want Larry to know she had contacted the firm, and was worried about his reaction to the divorce. She also relayed she had no access to funds. Maya seemed nervous and scared. “You felt there was some issue with regard to safety?” asked the prosecutor, to which Desteny answered, “Yes.”

So troubled by what she heard, Desteny Johnson felt Maya needed to speak with one of their attorneys within 24 hours. “I believed she needed an urgent appointment,” she stated. Maya, however, was adamant she did not want an appointment until after her daughter’s upcoming birthday celebration as she didn’t want any drama. Desteny emailed Maya an intake from, which Maya completed in record time. In response to a question on the form whether there was any domestic violence, Maya wrote there had been no formal documentation of it. Desteny told Maya she could talk to the attorney about a domestic violence restraining order. An appointment was set for January 12th.

On cross-examination, Desteny Johnson agreed Maya never told her Larry had hurt her. What concerned Desteny was the control aspect. When asked why she told law enforcement there were red flags regarding domestic violence, she said it was because Maya felt it was unsafe to seek a divorce.

The conversation with Maya stood out to Desteny Johnson after she learned of Maya’s disappearance, as she remembered how Maya was so looking forward to the birthday celebration with her children and she didn’t get to go. At the end of her testimony, growing very emotional and her voice breaking, she said, “There’s some things that will live with me forever. I do feel some remorse for sending her an intake form.”

Did a Forensic Specialist Find Blood?

David Garber, a Forensic Specialist with the Chula Vista Police Department, testified next. On January 23, 2021, he photographed the Millete’s home when a search warrant was served. Attorney Martinez asked if he found any blood spatter in the home. He said there were blood stains on the wall above the vanity in a bathroom off the main bedroom. The spots were “reddish brown,” and 1 millimeter in size within a 2-foot by 3-foot area.

He tested the stains, which were presumptive positive for blood. However, he then explained field tests can give a false positive. The samples were sent on to the sheriff’s crime lab, but he did not know the results. Another area in the bathroom exhibited blood after being sprayed with BlueStar.

The answer to the blood question came later when Detective Jesse Vincent testified a swab of a stain from the bathroom was sent to the crime lab. It tested positive for blood, but it was not Maya or Larry’s blood.

Maya Told Her Sister: “If something happens to me, it’s going to be Larry”

Maya’s oldest sister, Maricris Drouailett, testified next. Just as beautiful as her sister, and very petite, Maricris has been the public voice for Maya since her disappearance. I have gotten to know Maricris and her husband, Richard, by going on the searches and at the court hearings. They are wonderful people, with deep faith and kind hearts.

At one search in the Anza Borrego Desert, Maricris and Richard generously provided a huge spread of food for the volunteers. Maricris was grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and making sure everyone’s plates were full. In December, I attended a holiday bowling party they hosted, and saw their playful side, both sporting plastic reindeer antlers on their head as we bowled for hours and ate pizza and cake. But in the courtroom, Maricris was there to discuss the most serious of matters.

Maricris spent one and a half days on the witness stand. On the first break, she  practically collapsed into her husband’s arms, and was immediately surrounded by family and friends. I could see how exhausting and emotional this time was for her.

Maricris testified about their large Filipino family, six children in total. There was Maricris, May, June, Jaypie, Jay-R, and Mike. As the oldest, Maricris had a lot of responsibility for her siblings and said, “I felt like I was their mom.” The family lived in the Philippines but moved to Hawaii around 1995. Maya met Larry in Hawaii, while they were both in high school and working at McDonalds. They married when Maya was 18. Larry was a few months younger. Larry joined the Navy and the couple moved to Virginia, and then San Diego. They had three children, Lara Mae, now 13, Maylani, now 11, and Lazarus, now 6.

Maricris described a close-knit family who got together to celebrate birthdays, bar-b-ques, and frequent camping trips. In 2020 alone, they went camping in Glamis, Lake Elsinor, and Lake Havasu.

In 2020, things began to change between Larry and Maya. One day, Larry called Maricris and said Maya was going through a mid-life crisis. When they went to Lake Havasu in the summer, she could tell they were “kind of fighting.” At Christmas, it was obvious there were conflicts, and they were fighting.

For New Years, the family went to Glamis. While there, Maya said, “Get ready. I’m going to file for divorce. Just get ready. It’s going to be a messy divorce.” Since Maya did not have control over the finances, despite making around $150,000, Maricris told her to first get her finances together. Maya said she was not waiting and asked her sisters if they could help her with the divorce fee.

Maya then said, “If something happens to me, it’s going to be Larry.” Maricris said she was scared for her as she “knows Larry has a tendency to snap and hurt her.” Maricris relayed an incident from years before when the family went snowboarding. When a parking attendant told them they had to drive to a different side, Larry hit him with the car. The attendant landed on the hood and security was called.  Eventually the incident was resolved without police assistance. Later Larry said he snapped and couldn’t remember what happened.

On January 4, 2021, Maya sent Maricris and Jane a text asking to borrow $10,000 for a divorce attorney, stating she could pawn them her Rolexes and Louis Vuitton’s. Maricris agreed to give Maya $5,000.

Maricris on Maya Going Missing: “Larry was not concerned at all.”

Maya planned a birthday party in Big Bear for Lara’s 11th birthday for the weekend of January 9th. When Maya stopped responding to the group messages about the trip and they could not get ahold of her, Maricris told Richard, “There’s something wrong. We have to go look for her.”

On January 9th, they left their house in Moreno Valley and arrived at Maya’s Chula Vista home. Larry told her they had an argument Thursday night and Maya was working off steam. He said, “Your sister probably went for a hike this morning. She’ll be back soon.” Maricris asked if the argument was about the work issue. Larry had previously told Maricris Maya was having an affair with a co-worker, although Maricris did not believe it at the time.

Maricris wanted to contact the police, but Larry said to wait, saying, “She’ll be back home soon.” Larry was not worried and “did not have panic in him,” said Maricris. She did not want to wait, so around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. she called the Chula Vista Police Department. The police told her to call the hospitals and morgue, which they did, but they did not find Maya. Maricris called the police again and this time they came over around 1:00 a.m. on January 10, 2021.

Once they left, “Larry was not concerned at all.” He then told Maricris, “Maya stays at the park.” That day was also Lara’s birthday, so Maricris told her siblings to just come to Maya’s house. They celebrated Lara’s birthday there, and during the cake, Lara was sad.

Maricris started searches for Maya on January 13th and since that time has appeared on Court TV, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Fox News, and 48 Hours. People Magazine also featured Maya as one of the missing moms. Larry never assisted in putting up flyers or going on the searches.

Attorney Martinez Cross-Examines Maricris

On cross-examination, attorney Martinez asked if Maricris had ever seen Larry committing domestic violence against Maya. Maricris answered, “No.” Martinez then asked questions regarding complaints Larry was controlling.  Maricris said in 2020, Larry wanted to know Maya’s whereabouts and Maya did not have freedom with her finances as everything had to go through Larry.

When Martinez tried to ask questions about Maya going to bars and getting drunk, prosecutor Bowles objected. Martinez explained Maya had a change of lifestyle, but Judge Moring shut this line of questioning down quickly.

Martinez adopted an accusatory tone when she questioned about Lara’s birthday celebration, making it sound like it was a fancy celebration without concern about Maya. In one of the most dramatic moments on the stand, Maricris began to cry as she said it was Lara’s birthday and her mother was missing. It was the first indication something had happened to Maya as Maya would not have missed the party. “We tried to celebrate the best we could,” Maricris said through tears.

Martinez next tried to show Larry was concerned about his missing wife. “Isn’t it true you don’t know what Mr. Millete did to find your sister? You don’t know if he was brokenhearted inside?” Maricris answered, “I don’t.” Attorney Martinez finished her cross-examination with, “Were you aware she had a dating app?” to which Maricris answered, “I wasn’t.”

And with that, Maricris was at last done.

An Illegal Assault Weapon Found

Special Agent Francisco Paredes of the Department of Justice testified he examined a gun seized at the Millete’s home by the Chula Vista Police Department. He determined it was an illegal assault weapon, but he did not inspect the firearm to see if had been used.

Maya’s Brother Testifies to Larry’s Changing Stories

Dressed in a sharp dark suit with a red tie, Maya’s brother, Jay-R, took the stand next. He testified he met Larry in Hawaii on the day Larry and his parents came to ask for marriage. When asked about his relationship with Larry, he said, “It was good. He was family. I treated him like family.”

In 2020, Larry started calling him every day for several months. Larry told him Maya might be leaving him and he wanted Jay-R’s help to try to convince her to stay. He said he didn’t want to separate and that “he loves her.” Jay-R tried to help Larry and gave him advice.

But Maya wanted to separate and in May of 2020, Maya moved in with Jay-R’s family for about six weeks. Larry was calling constantly checking up on her. Jay-R then described a trip to Lakewood, where every time they stopped, Larry called. It was “almost like she was being tracked in a way.”

On a trip to Lake Havasu, Larry told him Maya had admitted to an affair and gave Larry details. Larry said, “He wants to get the guy.”

On August 12, 2020, Maya found Larry had hidden their daughter’s phone in her car to track her. They got in an argument and Larry called Jay-R to come over to calm Maya down. Before he arrived at the house, Maya sent Jay-R a flurry of text messages. Maya wrote:

“I’m so tired of his mental and emotional abuse.”

“It’s toxic and mentally draining.”

“He NEVER lets me be by myself! He checks all my email messages, messengers, Facebook posts. He even checks my VENMO app.”

On Friday, January 8th, Jay-R went to Maya and Larry’s house as the family was worried because they had not heard from Maya. Maylani answered the door and when he asked where her mother was, Maylani said, “She’s been locked in her room for eleven hours. She hasn’t fed us.”

Larry was standing at the top of the stairs and told him he just got home from work, yet Jay-R noticed Larry was not dressed for work as he was in beach shorts. Later that evening, Larry said Lazarus was with him and had been eating French fries all day. Jay-R thought it was strange Larry changed his story.

When Jay-R asked if they were still going to Big Bear, Larry said, “I don’t know. I think I’m disinvited.” Jay-R asked what happened. Larry said, “We had a big fight last night.” Larry said he threatened to call the wife of the guy Maya had an affair with and threatened to reopen the investigation at Maya’s work.

Jay-R went upstairs and  began knocking on the bedroom door, calling out Maya’s name each time, but there was no response. It seemed dark, like no one was there. He noticed the door had been patched by the door handle.

The next day, Jay-R went back to the house and Larry told him Maya was not there. “Maybe she went for a hike,” he said.

On cross-examination, Martinez asked if he had ever seen Larry hit Maya. Jay-R answered, “No.” She asked him if he believed Maya was safe to go back to Larry. He answered, “At the time, I did.” Again, she asked, “Did you see any signs of domestic violence against your sister?” “No.”

Maya’s Father Testifies Larry said, “Papa, I will kill her or him.”

Maya’s father, 73-year-old Pablito Tabalanza, testified through a Tagalog interpreter. He was an endearing figure who testified earnestly, at times raising his voice in emphasis during emotional testimony.

In 2020, Larry kept calling Mr. Tabalanza asking him to talk to Maya about their marriage. When asked about the marriage by prosecutor Bowles, Mr. Tabalanza said, “They’re always fighting, that I know.” At Christmas 2020, Larry was outside, and he seemed unhappy. “It seems like they don’t care about each other,” said Mr. Tabalanza.

On January 4, 2021, Maya called and asked her father, who lives in Moreno Valley, to come to the house to take care of Lazarus. But Larry called him and told him not to come as his auntie would watch Lazarus. When Mr. Tabalanza told Maya, she sounded mad. It was the last time he ever spoke to his daughter.

On January 9th, he and his wife went to Maya’s house as Jay-R called and said something bad had happened to Maya. They arrived around noon and Larry said Maya was upstairs in the room. “I ran upstairs, and I knocked on the door. No one answered,” said Mr. Tabalanza. He knocked on the door with his elbow and called out her name for about five minutes. He tried to open the door,  but it would not open. Larry was right behind him, and Mr. Tabalanza asked him if he had a key.

Larry took the key out of his pocket and opened the door, which surprised Mr. Tabalanza as he was not supposed to have the key as only Maya used the room. Larry immediately went to Maya’s desk and said her credit card was not there. Mr. Tabalanza looked everywhere in the room and bathroom for her. Larry did not help.

Larry said maybe she was outside, went jogging, or was with her friends. “He did not show any emotion his wife was missing,” said Mr. Tabalanza. Larry put his arm around him and said, “Don’t worry Papa, I will never do that because I love Maya.” He did not know what Larry meant by that.

Mr. Tabalanza and his wife stayed until 6:00 or 7:00 that night, waiting for Maya as Larry said she would be back. Larry seemed like nothing happened. “How were you feeling?” asked prosecutor Bowles. “I was sad because my child is missing. I love her so much.”

Around two to three months before Maya went missing, Larry was at their house in Moreno Valley. He said, “Papa, I will kill her or him” and then raised his shirt to show him a gun. Mr. Tabalanza thought he was just joking.

On cross-examination, attorney Martinez asked if he observed any signs of fighting or struggle while he was in the bedroom. He said, “No.” Again, Mr. Tabalanza relayed how Larry put his arm around him and said, “Don’t worry Papa. She’ll be back. I can’t do that to her because I love her.”

Maya Was Connected and Bonded to Her Children Witness Says

Blain Hinckley testified he met Maya at the end of 2020 through an off-roading jeep club. On December 12, 2020, the group went to Painted Gorge in the Ocotillo Desert. Maya came with her two daughters and her new Jeep Rubicon. He described Maya as bubbly, connected, energetic, and bonded with her daughters.

On December 26, 2020, there was a jeep run in Canyon Sin Nombre, and Maya came with Larry and the three children. Maya went in the mud caves with her daughters, and she laughed as much as the girls. Maya was excited about her new jeep and wanted to learn more about jeeps.

Officer Ryan Culver Went to the Millete’s House on January 10, 2021

Officer Ryan Culver of the Chula Vista Police Department responded to Maricris’ missing person call. At 12:45 a.m. on January 10th, he arrived to the Millete’s home at 2413 Paseo Los Gatos. Larry was “extremely welcoming” and cooperative.

Larry showed him text messages between him and Maya, but they only went back one or two days. Officer Culver checked the house, and found nothing had been taken indicating Maya would be gone for a long period of time.

He agreed he spoke to one of Maya’s friends who expressed concern for Maya’s safety. When he said there was an altercation where Maya was so in fear, she locked herself in the bathroom and Larry punched a hole through the dry wall, Judge Moring immediately struck the testimony stating this was inadmissible hearsay.

On cross-examination, Officer Culver agreed Larry told him Maya was having an affair and that’s when all the trouble began. When asked if he saw any repairs in the house, he answered, “Not that I’m aware of.” Martinez then said Maya never told her friend Larry had been violent with her, to which he answered, “Correct.”

Maya’s Sister-In-Law Testifies to Larry’s Growing Desperation

Genesis Tabalanza, who married Maya’s brother Jay-R in 2009, testified she was really close to Maya. Genesis and Jay-R even lived with Maya and Larry for three months in 2015. “She became a big sister,” Genesis said. Maya was also a mentor to her as they both worked together as contract specialists at the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SWRMC). Maya eventually became an Assistant Deputy Chief Contract Auditor.

In January 2020, Maya called Genesis into her office and told her she needed a place to stay. Genesis asked her why. Maya said she needed space to think clearly about her marriage, and she was exhausted as Larry had been calling her during her recent work trip and she couldn’t sleep. Genesis was shocked, but agreed Maya could stay. On May 10th, Mother’s Day, Maya moved in with Genesis and her family. She stayed with them through May and June.

Once Maya was living with them, Larry began to text Genesis constantly, asking about Maya’s whereabouts and behavior. “Can you text me when she gets home? Is she wearing her wedding ring?” It was common for Larry to send 20 messages a day. Then it got more excessive. During the period of May 14-15, Larry sent 43 messages. On May 26th, he sent 199. The messages were about how he didn’t want to lose Maya, as well as checking up on her whereabouts. On May 14th, he wrote, “Every day is a struggle…I’m beat down to the bone….I’m drowning.”

One day, Larry sent Genesis a text saying he followed Maya to her work and saw her get into a vehicle with another man. Larry had put Lara’s phone in Maya’s vehicle to track her. Prior to this, someone had reported that Maya and Jamey were having an affair and there was an investigation at work. Larry went up to the car and said to Jamey, “What are you doing here in this vehicle with my wife?” Maya was surprised and started crying.

Back at home, Larry and Maya were together, and Genesis could see Maya’s eyes were swollen from crying. Maya packed up her stuff and left. “There was no explanation. No nothing,” Genesis said. She never asked Maya why she moved out as she felt that was private. In June, Genesis learned Maya was leaving SWRMC and moving to the Naval Institution Warfare Center (NIWC).

On August 12, 2020, another text message exchange began with Larry. He said he  put Lara’s phone in Maya’s car to track her and she found it. Maya was upset and was going to leave the marriage. Genesis and Jay-R talked to Larry in the garage and told him to let it go as Maya did not want to stay, but Genesis could see in his face he didn’t want to give up.

On September 16th, Larry sent Genesis a text saying he wanted to apprentice under a spellcaster. Genesis warned him about messing with an evil spirit. Larry replied, “I’m just really desperate,” and “Yeah, I was hesitant but if it can help. I’m ready to sell my soul.”

On September 23rd,  Larry texted Genesis saying he told Maya if she was not willing to fix the marriage, he was going to report them that morning (Larry was referring to Jamey). Larry wrote, “I told her my intent is for her to lose her job and I get 100% custody of the children.” He then said he did not want to share custody as he did not want another man around them.

On December 18th, Larry sent Genesis a text stating Maya had found the subliminals. Genesis explained a subliminal was white noise one could order and record a message upon. Larry wrote, “She found the subliminals and said I’m trying to cage her in an invisible cage.” Larry said he had an irregular heartbeat and anxiety all the time.

Genesis next testified about the New Year’s trip to Glamis. On January 1st,  she was in the trailer with Maricris and Maya. Maya told her to  stop answering Larry’s messages as it would be used against her when she filed for divorce. Maya then said, “This is it. I’m going to file for divorce. If something happens to me, it’s going to be Larry.” She said she would file after Lara’s birthday. That was the last day Genesis ever saw Maya.

On January 9th, Genesis and Jay-R went to Maya’s house as they had not heard from her. Larry said, “Maybe she went hiking.” Larry was calm. This was a different demeanor, as he would usually panic when he did not know where Maya was. Larry did not attend any searches, vigils, or prayer services for Maya.

On cross-examination, when asked when she learned about the affair, Genesis said she heard it from Larry. He had suspicions in February 2020. Maya did not admit to Genesis she was having an affair. Genesis confirmed Maya was not forced to leave SWRMC, but moved to NIWC as they had higher levels for advancement.

As the cross-examination went on and on, rehashing everything that had been addressed on direct examination (which is not the purpose of cross), Genesis’ voice began to break and she said, “I feel like you’re torturing me.” Judge Moring told attorney Martinez he would not allow much more, and as Genesis grew more emotional, called for a break.

After the break, Judge Moring told Martinez her cross-examinations were too much for a preliminary hearing.

Maya’s Boss Testifies to Larry’s Requests

Derek Sopp was Maya’s boss at NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command). He met Larry in person after a woman had called saying Maya was having an affair. He met with Larry, Maya, and the subordinate to discuss the matter. The subordinate’s name was never mentioned during Derek Sopp’s testimony.

On February 24, 2020, Larry sent him an email requesting Eric Cogan be moved to another division. On February 27, 2020, Larry sent another email again stating Eric Cogan should be reassigned. He wrote Eric asked for Maya’s assistance and they were too close. Sopp responded it was appropriate for Eric to ask for Maya’s assistance as Eric’s supervisor was out of the office and Maya was next in command.

In the middle of 2020, Maya left SWRMC and moved to NWIC. Maya said she wanted to try something different, and it would be best for her marriage. She was also very embarrassed from the accusation of February.

On January 6, 2021, Sopp received a text from Maya asking if he could talk. When he spoke to Maya her voice was shaky and it sounded like she was crying. She told him she had hired a divorce attorney and Larry had found out. Larry threatened to ruin her professionally, and she wanted to let him know. Upon finding out Maya was missing, he sent an email to the entire department, but no one had heard from her.

On cross-examination, attorney Martinez confirmed a woman had reported an improper relationship in his department. “Did you learn who that woman was?” to which Sopp answered, “Yes.” “Did you contact her?” He did not. Neither Martinez nor Sopp stated the woman’s name. When Martinez asked if the allegation of the affair was true, prosecutor Bowles objected, and he did not have to answer. “Would that be grounds for termination?” Sopp answered, “No.”

Larry Offered $20,000 to “Get That Guy”

Maya’s older brother, Jaypie, took the stand next. He testified in June 2020, Larry called him and told him he suspected Maya of having an affair. He said he caught Maya with a guy in a truck. Larry asked Jaypie if he knew someone “who could get that guy.”

On Christmas day 2020, Larry said the only way he would be able to keep Maya was to get rid of the other guy. Jaypie told him to let it go, but Larry said he couldn’t.

On January 2, 2021, while in Glamis for the New Year, Jaypie was riding in the jeep with Larry. Larry again asked if he knew anyone who could “get that guy.” Larry said he would be willing to pay $20,000 and would give Jaypie $4,000. Jaypie told Larry he didn’t want to get involved and told him to let it go. Larry said he couldn’t. He said he likes torturing people and cutting their balls off.

Jaypie had planned to go to Big Bear to celebrate Lara’s birthday the weekend of January 9th. Jaypie had expected to hear from Maya on January 8th about the weekend. Hearing nothing, he called Maya and Larry many times, leaving voicemails.

Larry called him back the evening of January 8th and told him he just got home. When Jaypie asked where Maya was, Larry said she locked herself in the master bedroom and never came out. In the past when Larry couldn’t find Maya, he would be begging to know where she was, but this time he was calm. Larry said he went to work and dropped Lazarus off at 6:30 a.m. at his aunts.

The next day, January 9th, Jaypie went to Maya’s house. Larry told him she probably went out hiking or to brunch. Jaypie asked where Larry was on January 8th. This time, Larry said he was driving around, driving around, and Lazarus was eating French fries all day. Jaypie got a weird feeling when Larry changed his story. It was at this time, he began to think Larry had something to do with Maya’s disappearance.

Attorney Martinez’s cross-examination went on and on, until an irritated Judge Moring told her to wrap it up as, “You’ve gone through every aspect of direct.” (which is not the purpose of cross). Jaypie agreed he did not believe Maya was in danger and he did not tell Maya or the police about Larry’s statements to “get that guy.”

On redirect when asked if Maya would have left her children, her siblings, or her parents, Jaypie answered, “No,” especially their mother as she had had a stroke.

Maya Cared Deeply About Her Job

Bryan Mansfield was Maya’s boss at NIWC Pacific. Maya started working on June 21, 2020, as a contract specialist. At SWRMC she was a supervisor. The job at NIWC was a downgrade in rank but a pay increase. Bryan Mansfield did not have the exact figure, but he thought it paid around $130,000. “She seemed to care deeply about her job,” he said. Maya told him she wanted to have a high rank. “She had ambition.”

On December 18, 2020, Maya told him she was going through a separation and said it was hard. She was usually upbeat, but this time she was emotional.

On January 7, 2021, she sent him a text that her childcare did not pan out that day and she would not be able to work her normal schedule. On January 10th, after receiving a call from Maricris that Maya was missing, he sent a text to Maya asking if everything was okay. He never heard back. They contacted the I.T. department and there was no evidence Maya had worked on January 8th.

Maya’s Friend Testifies: Maya Was Afraid Larry Would Hurt the Children

Wearing a bright green blazer and perfectly coiffed, Kristeen Timmers said she was close friends with Maya. The two met in 2008 during their internship as contract specialists. Through the years they remained close, even when Kristeen transferred to Japan for four and a half years.

Kristeen testified she, Maya, Courtney, and Ally would group chat daily using Facebook messenger and Instagram. They would have to jump around as Larry would gain access to the accounts and look at everything they talked about. She said overall Larry was controlling, and Maya did not like he had access to all her accounts. Maya was “emotionally confined, kind of smothered.”

In March of 2020, during their group messaging, Maya revealed problems in the marriage. Maya wrote that Larry told her he would kill himself if he didn’t have her. Maya was worried about child custody, feeling she would lose because she worked full time and did not have childcare.

In August 2020, Maya called and was upset as she found one of her daughter’s cell phones tracking her. Maya was not much of crier, but now she was crying and desperate. Maya said she had been firmly asking for separation and if Larry was not amicable, she would just file. Maya had locked herself in a room, and Larry and the children were trying to get in. Larry broke the door to get in and Maya sent her a photo of it.

In mid-December, Maya and her friends met for a Christmas gift exchange. When they started talking about divorce, Maya said through tears, “I’m afraid  Larry will hurt the kids to hurt me.” Kristeen was shocked. At this point, Kristeen became so emotional, Judge Moring called for a break.

When her testimony resumed, Kristeen said at the end of December Maya was talking about needing money for a lawyer and her own place to live. Although she made more than Larry, she did not have access to the accounts.

On January 6th,  Maya sent a text at 10:35 a.m. informing Larry was threatening to open the investigation at her work again.

On January 7th, Maya sent a group message at 5:47 p.m. stating she just argued with Larry, and he said he wanted 100% custody. He also wanted the house. Maya said she talked to another lawyer, but would hire Broaden Law as the prices were within her range.

On January 8th,  Kristeen sent Maya a text telling her there were a lot of packages at her door as Kristeen had sent gifts for Lara’s birthday. Maya never responded.

On cross-examination, when asked if Maya drank excessively at the December brunch, couldn’t go home, and had to spend the night with Ally, Kristeen answered, “No.” She added that Maya was not much of a drinker. Attorney Martinez said Maya told her Larry broke the door because he was worried about her. Kristeen answered, “No.” While Larry was knocking, she did not hear him say anything violent.

Surveillance Cameras Reveal the Movements of the Lexus SUV

Detective Jesse Vicente works for the Chula Vista Police Department in the Crimes of Violence Unit. He took over the Millete case after Officer Culver told him it looked suspicious. On January 11th, Detective Vincent went to the Millete’s house and spoke to Larry. Larry was calm, cooperative, and didn’t seem too concerned. Larry gave him his cell phone and he saw there were no text messages between him and Maya prior to January 9th.

Detective Vicente obtained the surveillance from three residences near the Millete’s home. The residence at 338 Calle La Quinta had a Nest security system which provided a continuous recording. Detective Vicente downloaded the video from January 7-10, 2021.

Prosecutor Bowles played the video of  January 8th, the day after Maya disappeared.  At 5:59 a.m. a person entered the Lexus SUV, pulled it out onto the street, and then backed it in closer to the Millete’s home. The Lexus had originally been parked facing backwards, but the person repositioned it closer to the house. Detective Vicente said it could not be seen whether the SUV was pulled into the garage.

At 6:45 a.m. the Lexus left and did not return until 6:06 p.m. Prosecutor Bowles also showed surveillance from the home at 2417 Paseo Los Gatos, which caught the Lexus being driven in the street headed back home. Detective Vincente checked with the FBI and there were no sightings of the Lexus SUV at any borders.

On January 9th, at 3:30 p.m. Larry went to 338 Calle La Quinta and asked if they could detail the Lexus, telling the homeowner it had been scratched during an Anza Borrego jeep trip.

Audio Captures Loud Bangs and Children Voices

Detective Vicente also obtained audio from the home at 2385 Plaza Eva, which was behind the Millete’s home. On January 7th at 10:34 p.m. the audio captured children playing in the backyard. The homeowner recognized the voices of the Millete children, and this stood out to her as it was a cold night and a school night.

Audio from another neighbor’s surveillance captured loud bangs on the night of January 7th, which were forwarded to the FBI, but the experts could not definitely say it was gunshots.

Videos Capture Last Time Maya Seen Alive

Prosecutor Bowles next played surveillance videos of Maya on January 7th At 3:00 p.m. a Ring camera from 2409 Paseo Los Gatos, captured Maya and her children removing items from the jeep. At 3:13 p.m. the video showed Maya by the jeep with two children, and Tristan could be heard asking three times if he could go to the car wash with her. At 3:20 p.m. Maya closed the hatch and at 3:22 p.m. the jeep left.

Video from 338 Calle La Quinta showed the jeep returning at 4:42 p.m. Maya exited the jeep and walked into her house. None of the surveillance cameras showed Maya leaving the house after that time.

The videos ended right at the lunch break, and Maya’s sister, Maricris, while still in the courtroom, began weeping and was immediately wrapped in the arms of family. As I walked out of the courtroom, I saw she was still weeping and being led into a private room with the prosecution’s support staff.  I am sure seeing those last images of her sister was crushing.

A Difficult Cross as Attorney Martinez Is Admonished Repeatedly

Within minutes of the cross-examination of Detective Vincente, attorney Martinez incurred the irritation of Judge Moring with her convoluted questioning. Raising his voice, Judge Moring said, “I want a specific question counsel!” Judge Moring’s frustration would only grow through the long cross-examination, which stretched from Friday afternoon into Monday. Objection after objection was raised, first from Bowles, and then by Judge Moring himself. At one point, Judge Moring told Martinez to limit her questions to those which were relevant and to the personal knowledge of the witness. “I’m not going to spend another hour listening to you question this witness about every question under the sun,” he said.

Cross-examination was not the only area attorney Martinez ran afoul. Throughout the preliminary hearing, Martinez struggled in her trial skills and legal knowledge, leading some legal commentators to question her ability to handle this case and stating she was in over her head. Judge Moring tried to be patient, but there were times when you could see he could take no more.

In the cross-examination, Martinez asked Detective Vicente if he saw the person in the video footage carrying anything, to which he answered, “No.” Martinez then wanted to ask a question regarding surveillance from a neighboring house, but fumbled around with addresses. Irritated, Judge Morning said, “You had quite a lot of time to know the address for every house on that block. Google it now if you need to.”

Attorney Martinez moved on and asked, “Is it fair to say Mrs. Millete disappeared mysteriously? Detective Vicente answered, “No.” Martinez followed up,  “You did not?” Again, “No.” Then Martinez asked the open-ended question, “Why?” Judge Moring immediately jumped in and looking at Martinez said, “I can’t believe you asked that,” before indicating the witness could answer. Again, one could feel Judge Moring’s frustration. It is taught in cross-examination to never ask a question you don’t know the answer to, but to maintain tight control of the question and witness. Detective Vicente was given free rein to say whatever he wanted, and he did just that, stating witnesses said she would not leave like that, there was an argument that night, Larry was the last person to see her, and he believed Larry was responsible. Asked directly if he believed Larry murdered Maya, Detective Vicente responded, “Yes.

Later, in the cross-examination, Martinez tried to ask questions about Maya drinking excessively, Judge Moring shut her down. Martinez fought back and said Maya was drinking more and more and could have been picked up in bars. Bowles responded there was no evidence about this except Larry’s statement.

When attorney Martinez started questioning about Maya bleeding profusely and Larry taking her to the hospital, prosecutor Bowles immediately asked for a sidebar. Judge Moring agreed, stating the sidebar was going to be about something extremely private, which it was why it was being held outside the public. Once the sidebar concluded, Martinez asked if Larry told him about Maya bleeding and Larry having to take her to the hospital. Detective Vicente wanted to see his report on this issue. When Martinez could not direct him to the correct page and said it would take time to look it up, Judge Moring responded in exasperation, “Counsel, you’ve had a year to prepare for this hearing.” This was indeed a painful cross-examination to behold.

Other Possible Suspects and Larry’s Alibi

Martinez asked if they talked to Jamey, the person with whom Maya allegedly had an affair, and Detective Vicente said his partner did as Larry believed the lover was involved with Maya’s disappearance. But they found nothing to believe Jamey was involved.

Attorney Martinez said there had been sightings of Maya. On February 8, 2021, a husband and wife saw a woman at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas. She was drunk and being escorted out. They felt sorry for her, so they tried to help. She started giving them her phone number, which started with 619, but before they could get the full number, a man approached and said, “She’s with me.” Detective Vicente said he investigated it but did not receive evidence this was Maya.

Martinez also raised there had been two ransom demands. Detective Vicente said with one ransom demand, they did not receive any further requests so they could not follow up. The other one was a fake social media account by a person seeking to extort money from missing persons.

Martinez moved to the reason Larry left the house on January 8th. Detective Vincente agreed Larry told him he left early with Lazarus because Maya said she could not get work done with Lazarus bothering her, and he packed two coolers with snacks and went to the beach. Detective Vicente did not know Larry had a habit of backing his car into the driveway, but Detective Vicente found it suspicious that Larry repositioned the car just for a cooler of snacks.

The Final Questions of Detective Vicente

On redirect, Bowles clarified the description for the February 6th sighting was “just pretty Asian female.”

Moving to Larry’s alibi of January 8th, Bowles raised Larry said he went to Solana Beach but pointed to Torrey Pines Beach. The weather that day was foggy and had a high of 63 degrees and a low of 50 degrees. Lara and Maylani never said they saw their mom or heard her voice on January 8th. Larry cancelled a forensic interview of the children.

On recross, Detective Vicente agreed Mr. Kakahuna told him he was 90% sure the person he saw at the Plaza Hotel was Maya. Larry said on January 8th, he loaded a bed cot in the trunk, but Tristan had so much energy he didn’t take a nap the whole day.

Judge Moring then inquired if there was any evidence Larry had been at the beach. Detective Vicente said he checked video footage for the vehicle, talked to the parks police, and lifeguard. No one had seen Larry and his son. Martinez then raised a witness saw a man with a child between the age of 3 to 5.  Detective Vicente said he interviewed witnesses, asking if they saw a boy. They did not.

What Did Detective Ruiz Find at the Millete’s Home?

Detective Lorenzo Ruiz of the Chula Vista Police Department testified a search warrant was served on January 23, 2021, and they found a letter Maya wrote to Larry on August 27, 2020. In part of the letter, Maya wrote they were fighting all the time and it was toxic. She said, “I want to be happy, and it’s not with you.”

Also found during the search were books on magic spells, one titled, “Magical Love Spells.” They also looked at Larry’s internet search history, which showed numerous searches on “subliminal wife training.”

On cross-examination, when asked what he found significant during the search, Detective Ruiz answered it was the hole on the master bedroom door that had been patched.

When questioned about cadaver dogs, he said they did not alert to the Lexus. He did not know if they alerted in the house as he had left. When asked if a single gunshot was heard on January 7th at 2044 (8:44 p.m.), he answered, “I believe it was multiple.” He did not see any spent cartridges at the house.

What Did Maya’s Cell Phone Reveal?

District Attorney Investigator Matthew Grindley testified he requested call detail records for Maya’s cell phone from T-Mobil. Maya’s last call was on January 7, 2021, at 3:48 p.m. when she called Alexandra Macintosh, a family law attorney in Carlsbad. The call lasted 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

The last data session on Maya’s phone was on January 8th at 1:25 a.m. Grindley explained a data session occurs when the phone is using an application that generates data, although a person does not have to be actively using the phone. No further activity on the phone was recorded and Maya’s phone was never recovered.

Larry’s Text Messages to His Boss

Grindley next testified about text messages between Larry and his boss, Terry Fonville.

On January 5th at 8:31 a.m., Larry wrote, “She’s asking for divorce again.” He then forwarded Terry a message Maya had sent him. In all capital letters she wrote,  “DO WHAT YOU WANT. WE ARE COMPLETELY DONE.”

On January 6th, Larry forwarded texts Maya had sent him. At 9:52 a.m., she wrote, again in all caps, “I DON’T WANT TO BE YOUR WIFE ANYMORE.” At 9:55 a.m., she wrote, “I’m filing whether you like it or not.” At 1:23 p.m. Larry wrote to Terry, “I’m not coming in…This is surreal. Like life is hopeless.”

On January 7th at 12:24 p.m., Larry wrote, “I’m not right.” And at 12:34 p.m. “I’m about to lose it.” Later, he wrote, “I’m shaking inside ready to snap.”

On January 8th  Larry did not text or make any calls. His phone was turned off from 6:34 a.m. until 6:30 p.m., a 12-hour period. His father was trying to contact him and at 11:52 a.m. he wrote, “Larry, please turn on your phone because Terry, your boss is calling about your job.”

Maya’s Secret Instagram Account and Confirmation of Affair

Investigator Grindley requested search warrants for Larry and Maya’s digital information, including text messages, emails, and social media accounts. Grindley found an Instagram account which he described as a diary and Maya’s place to vent. In one entry Maya wrote, “I have suffered the consequences of my quietness. It’s time to take back my home.”

Grindley also found a secret Instagram account, Sailormoon, where Maya communicated with Jamey Laird from September 19, 2020, through January 7, 2021. On May 19th, four months after Maya went missing, Grindley spoke with Jamey and Jamey confirmed a romantic relationship. Grindley said the two communicated almost daily, with messages which were sexual, emotional,  and very personal. In all the communications though, they were not looking to run away together.

Going through the messages, Grindley said on January 5th, “Things became very dramatic.” Larry had contacted Jamey’s wife about the relationship and Jamey and Maya had a confrontation about it. But by the end of the day, Maya and Jamey had reconciled, yet deciding they would both focus on their own lives. Maya would pursue divorce and Jamey was expecting a child.

The next day, January 6th, Maya and Jamey corresponded throughout the day, and Maya broke things off with Jamey. But on January 7th, they continued conversations from 6:03 a.m. until 2:03 in the afternoon. Jamie repeatedly told Maya he was worried about her safety and to be careful.

Larry Searched for Medications to Incapacitate

On July 15, 2020, Maya wrote, “I think Larry, my husband, is poisoning me.” She sent a text to Larry, asking “Why am I always so drowsy?”

On December 16, 2020, Larry searched for “common over the counter meds to incapacitate adults” and “rohypnol.” Grindley said Rohypnol is commonly referred to as a roofie, or date-rape drug.

A Disturbing Video Tape

Grindley next testified about a video found in the Apple iCloud, which was uploaded on October 30, 2020. The video recorded the voices of Larry and Maya arguing about the affair Larry suspected Maya of having. At one point Maya says, “So that’s enough for you to wish death on me all the time?” Referring to the illicit relationship, she tells Larry, “you bring it up every day.”

Cell Phone Analyst Reveals Location of Maya and Larry’s Cell Phones

Peter Villaver’s is a Senior Crime and Intelligence Analyst with the San Diego District Attorney’s Office, specializing in cell phone analysis and cell tower locations. He analyzed all of the Millete’s cell phones.

On January 7, 2021, at 4:10 p.m., Maya’s phone was in National City at a car wash. At 5:48 p.m. the phone was back in the San Miguel Ranch neighborhood which included the Millete’s home, where Maya called attorney Alexandra McIntosh.  On January 8th at 1:24 a.m. and 1:25 a.m. the phone was still in San Miguel Ranch and activated a passive data event. It was “not user generated.” At 1:25 p.m. all data terminated.

Analysis of Larry’s phone revealed it was at San Miguel Ranch on January 7, 2021, from 12:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and on January 8th from 12:00 a.m. until 6:35 a.m. From 6:35 a.m. until 6:33 p.m. all data terminated. For those 12 hours the whereabouts of Larry’s phone could not be determined.

Villaver reviewed Larry’s cell phone usage, and testified it was uncommon to see gaps like this. From January 2020 through January 7, 2021, 1,970 voice calls and text messages were made between Larry and Maya. Of those, 1,418 were voice calls. On January 8th, there were no voice calls.

On cross-examination, attorney Martinez raised Facebook face calls are not reflected in the cell phone records.

Maya’s Last Message and Larry’s Money Transfers

District Attorney Investigator James Rhoades was the final witness and he testified Maya’s last message was via Facebook messenger to her sister Jane on January 7, 2021, at 8:15 p.m.  Maya sent a picture of a Toy Hauler she was talking about buying with Jane.

Discussing Larry and Maya’s finances, Rhoades said they had a joint checking account, and each had separate checking and savings accounts. Throughout 2020, Larry transferred money from Maya’s accounts to the joint checking account until none was left in Maya’s accounts. Larry then transferred the money from the joint account to his own.

Where Did the Lexus SUV Go on January 8th?

The Lexus SUV had an Infotainment system and on January 8, 2021, at 3:29 p.m. the Millete’s home address was entered. No other navigation information could be obtained. Where had the Lexus gone on January 8th?

Investigator Rhoades looked to the mileage on the Lexus. On December 17, 2020, the Lexus was serviced and had 69,257 miles. On January 23, 2021, the Lexus was impounded and reflected miles of 70,636. This meant the Lexus had traveled 1,379 miles during that time period.

Using cell phone and financial records, and other information, Rhoades conducted an analysis to determine where the Millete’s vehicles were driven from December 17, 2020, through January 23, 2021. He then calculated the mileage, and found there were 444 to 692 miles which could not be accounted for on January 8th.

Larry Turned to Spellcasters, Buying 70 Spells

Rhoades testified Larry turned to spellcasters through Calastrology and Fiverr. From September 20, 2020, through February 12, 2021, there were 1,709 pages of communications with spellcasters, with the highest in  December of 758 and 455 from January 1-8. Larry bought 70 spells for a total cost of $1,154.05.

The theme of the spellcasting was control spells of Maya or injury spells, said Rhoades. Prosecutor Bowles and Rhoades went through the volumes of spells, reading so quickly it was impossible to get them all down, but key ones stood out:

On September 18th Larry wrote, “I would like a Powerful Love Spell to bind my wife forever.”

On September 21st Larry bought a “Doomed to Fail Black Curse” for Jamey.

October 15th “Do you have any spells that can manifest to cause physical harm?”

October 28th “Please give her the worst nightmares…She needs to be punished for her actions.”

November 16th for Jamey, “Please make him suffer tenfold for the rest of his life.”

December 14th“Are you able to perform hexes?” “I am starting to resent her affair partner.”

December 18th “Please make her sick so that she needs me…”

December 27th “Make her REALLY sick…”

December 27th  “Please punish May and incapacitate her enough so she can’t leave the house. It’s time to take the gloves off.”

December 31st “Can you hex to have her hurt enough that she will have to depend on me and need my help. She’s only nice to me when she needs me or sick. Thanks again. Maybe an accident or broken bone.”

January 7th “Make her want to sleep on the same bed for all eternity.”

January 9th Larry cancels hexes on Maya and transfers them to Jamey.

January 10th  Hex Jamey.

Prosecution Closing Argument

Bowles argued Maya was no longer living and her death could be attributed to Larry Millete. There was no proof of life for Maya after January 7th. Her last communication was the Facebook message she sent to her sister at 8:15 p.m. and her last Google search was at 8:45 p.m. There was no evidence she left the house after  January 7th and on January 8th at 1:25 a.m. her cell phone terminated all communication. No one has heard from her since, and there is no evidence she has used any funds.

There was significant evidence Maya loved and was committed to her children, whom she adored. “They were her world, and she would not have abandoned them,” said Bowles passionately. There was also significant evidence of Maya’s state of mind. She was committed to filing for divorce and going to Big Bear for her daughter’s birthday.

Bowles moved to Larry, stating there was evidence of Larry’s motive to prevent Maya from divorcing him and his level of desperation. He did not want a divorce and he did not want to share custody. He told the spellcasters the only reason Maya had not left was because he threatened to go to her command and open the investigation again.

On January 7th he wrote, “I am ready to lose it,” and “I am shaking inside, ready to snap.” On January 8th, “he was nowhere to be found.” He repositioned the Lexus, backed into the garage, and turned off his phone for 12 hours. On January 9th, he shifted his focus from Maya to Jamey.

“May Millete did not just fall off the face of the earth. She lived for and adored her children. She would not, and did not leave voluntarily her children. She loved them, Lara, Maylani, and Lazarus with all her heart.” She had every intention of living and to continue living after January 7, 2021. “The only person who had a motive, who spoke of the desire to hurt her, is the defendant.”

Defense Closing Argument

Bonita Martinez began her closing, “It is a common belief, there is no body, there is some mystery about the disappearance of May Millete.” She then asked, “How did she die? They didn’t tell you.” Because of Maya’s mysterious disappearance, “much speculation developed” and the prosecution “heavily relied on circumstantial evidence,” stated Martinez. Since Maya had not been located, they should be “looking among the living, and not among the dead.”

Maya and Larry had a strong relationship until Maya had an affair. “That was the beginning of the problem,” declared Martinez. Next Martinez said Maya turned to excessive alcohol consumption, causing Judge Moring to interrupt and ask how that was relevant. Martinez answered, “She wanted to live a single life.” She was going out and not taking care of the children.

Martinez returned to Maya’s affair, stating Larry was tormented and was trying to find out what was going on. Maya denied it. Maya and Jamey both lied to their supervisors and Maya denied it to the entire family. If she had been honest, she would have had to resign. Finally, Judge Moring interrupted and said Maya wanted a divorce. Martinez repeated Maya wanted a divorce, but it was against Larry’s religion.

When he saw Maya with Jamey, Larry didn’t snap or commit violence, and once Maya admitted the affair, “he took her back with open arms.” They went to counseling, but it didn’t work because Maya resumed the affair. Larry called Jamey’s wife and Jamey’s wife called Maya. Judge Moring stopped Martinez, saying this was not in evidence.

Martinez moved on. Maya was not happy with what was going on in her life. Work was her priority and identity, but when she moved to a new department, it didn’t go well. Then COVID came, and she had to work at home. She made Larry’s parents move out and then they didn’t have childcare. They fought.

Maya’s world was collapsing because of her work problems and childcare issues. Larry told her he was going to reopen the investigation at her work. If Larry reported, it would be discovered Jamey and Maya lied, so “she has to disappear,” said Martinez.

In order to cope, she had to do something. At this point, Judge Moring interrupted and told attorney Martinez to get to the probable cause issue. Martinez then said there were other exits at the Millete’s home, and two vehicles on the street waiting that could have taken her.

On January 8th, Larry took Lazarus to the beach the whole day because Maya said she could not work with Lazarus bothering her. “He did not find out Ms. Millete was not in the house until they opened the door, and she wasn’t there. He can tell you he loves his wife very much and he did not kill her.”

Prosecution Redirect

Prosecutor Bowles said, “The more independent she became, the more she was not subservient to him, the more obsessive he got.”  Finally. Maya found the courage to leave. But Larry was not going to let her divorce him and share custody. He was obsessed with her. They were never going to be divorced.

Judge Moring’s Ruling

Judge Moring began by stating probable cause is the legal standard for a preliminary hearing, and it is the lowest burden under the law. It is a strong suspicion of the guilt of the accused. He went on to state this case was different from other homicide cases as there is no body. He then cited four cases, highlighting the 1991 case  People v. Johnson, that slight or prima facia proof was sufficient.

Judge Moring said the facts show Maya did not abandon her life. She had three children she adored, an ailing mother, siblings with whom she was incredibly close, ownership of a million-dollar home, a thriving career with a six-figure income, personal savings and wealth, close friends, and her beloved new jeep. Her wallet and other belongings were left behind. He said the corpus delicti was met.

He then said Larry gave inconsistent statements and there was a marked contrast in Larry’s action  before Maya disappeared and after that “provided a strong suspicion of guilt.”

He found there was probable cause for Larry to stand trial for the murder of Maya and for possessing an illegal assault weapon. Larry was then arraigned and pled not guilty. Trial is set for September 14, 2023.


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