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Was it murder? Attorney and true crime writer Aleida Wahn takes you inside the courtroom in the most compelling and unforgettable criminal trials. Find out the passion and purpose behind her work.

Aleida appeared as an expert on “48 Hours: Searching for Maya Millete.” Why did a loving mother vanish from her home? Investigators reveal Maya wanted a divorce and find some shocking clues.

A Deadly Crash: The Richard Sepolio Trial. Was a Navy petty officer under the influence when he crashed off the Coronado Bridge killing 4 people? Aleida provided legal analysis of this heartbreaking trial.

An NFL Star Accused: The Kellen Winslow II Rape Trial. Was an NFL star a serial rapist? Aleida provided her insight and legal analysis of this gripping trial on Court TV.
An NFL Star Accused: The Kellen Winslow II Rape Trial. Was an NFL star a serial rapist? Aleida provided her insight and legal analysis of this gripping trial on the Law & Crime Trial Network.


Do you want to know what happened in the most compelling and unforgettable criminal trials?  I take you into the courtroom for a front row seat in high-profile murder trials, rape cases, crimes of passion, cases involving mental illness, deviant human behavior, and more. I am inside the courtroom from start to finish and I am passionate about bringing you all of the details and legal analysis straight from the trial so you will know what happened and why. These true stories have the power to move us all, while highlighting important societal issues which need to be addressed. I have personally seen the human devastation which is present in each trial, and I believe there is a lesson to be learned in every single case. It is through awareness and by examining critical issues that we can effect change and even make new laws.

I have appeared as an expert on true crime shows, including “48 Hours,” “Snapped,” and “The Dead Files,” and provided legal analysis on high-profile criminal trials on Court TV, the Law & Crime Trial Network, Fox 5 News, ABC 10 News, and KUSI News. 

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  • Richard Tuite Murder Trial: Who Killed 12-Year-Old Stephanie Crowe In the Dark of Night?
  • Rape Trial: Did The Jury Get It Right? You Be The Judge!
  • Julie Harper Murder Trial: Was It Murder or Self-Defense When Wife Killed Husband?
  • If I Can’t Have You: Why Beautiful Shauna Haynes Ended Up Dead in a Suitcase
  • Jahi Disappearance: Did Little Jahi Vanish From A Park or Was He Killed By His Stepfather?
  • Regina Johnson Trial: She Killed Her Husband, But Did She Kill the Daughter She Loved?
  • When Divorce Is Not Enough: Did Diana Lovejoy Hire A Gunman to Kill Her Husband?
  • Rebecca Zahau Trial: A Suicide No Longer – A Jury Finds Rebecca Zahau Was Murdered
  • The Snapchat Killer: Was He Legally Insane When He Killed His Best Friend?
  • Richard Sepolio Trial: Did Under the Influence Driving Cause a Deadly Crash?
  • Kellen Winslow II Rape Trial: Was an NFL Star a Serial Rapist?
  • A Mystery Drink Awaiting: La Jolla Restaurateur, Daniel Dorado, Sexually Assaulted Women, But Did He Drug Them First?
  • A Question of Evidence: Did Hector Martinez Get Away with Killing His Wife?
  • A Son Accused: Did Wilber Romero Set the Fire that Killed His Family?
  • The Unthinkable: A Hiker Murdered and a Teen Accused
  • A Husband Murdered and A Wife Wrongfully Convicted: The Jane Dorotik Case
  • Deadly Divorce: Maya Millete Sought a Divorce: Did Her Husband Kill Her in Response?
  • Deadly Obsession and a Fiancé Murdered: The Jesse Alvarez Case
  • A Tik Tok Star’s Deadly Obsession: The Ali Abulaban Case
  • Deadly Obsession, Deadly Revenge: Did Jade Janks Kill Her Stepfather After Finding Nude Photos of Herself On His Computer?


Winner of True Crime: Case Files’ true crime writing contest. “The Murder Trial of Regina Johnson: She Killed Her Husband, But Did She Kill the Daughter She Loved?”

What really happened in the Johnson home on a terrible May day that left two people dead? According to the prosecution, Regina Johnson ambushed and executed her daughter and husband, and then “left them to rot for three days while she thought about how to get away with it.” The defense maintained Regina shot her husband, but only after he killed their daughter during a violent family argument.

Did Regina love her daughter way too much to ever harm her? Please read the story about this heartbreaking and unforgettable case at:

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