Maya Millete
Aleida K. Wahn

I am in the 48 Hours show, “Searching for Maya Millete,” airing this Saturday night, February 19, 2022 at 10/9c on CBS and Paramount+.

Beautiful Maya Millete, only thirty-nine years old and a devoted mother of three young children, vanished over a year ago. Her distraught family has searched tirelessly for her, joined by a community which has expanded to national levels. Investigators say her husband contacted spellcasters to put a hex on her so she would not leave him. What happened to Maya Millete and where is she?

As an attorney and true crime writer, I have been following this case closely since it began. I have attended all the court hearings, gone out on the searches, interviewed Maya’s sister and brother-in-law, and written stories about the case. You may read my stories on my website. 48 Hours asked me to be on the show as an expert.  Please watch this episode on this gripping case!

Here is a sneak peek with all the information for the show:

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I provided my insight and legal analysis on Court TV and the Law & Crime Trial Network of the high-profile trial of former NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. It was a trial that captured the nation as the heralded ex-football star with fame, fortune, and a famous name stood accused of multiple rapes and other sex crimes involving five women. As the trial delved into shocking facts, complicated legal issues, and unexpected twists and turns, I was there for every minute. After the trial, I wrote a book on the case, going behind the headlines to share the extraordinary details of what happened inside the courtroom. Judging Winslow Jr.: From NFL Star to Serial Rapist? Inside the Shocking Rape Trial of Kellen Boswell Winslow II is now available on Amazon.

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