Mario Fierro

On February 1, 2021, Jesse Alvarez rose at dawn, clothed himself in all black, and drove to wait silently outside his ex-girlfriend’s fiancée’s home. It was 6:13 a.m. It had been one year and five months since she had left him. He had tried everything to win her back, but she was gone. When his actions moved into stalking, she sought help from the court and took measures to protect herself. Now she was in love with another, engaged to be married. Was it too much for Jesse Alvarez to bear?

Just after 7:00 a.m. Mario Fierro (pictured above), a beloved teacher and coach at Cathedral Catholic, emerged. Jesse soon opened fire, seven shots in total, leaving Mario Fierro dead on the ground. But what transpired between the two before the deadly end? Was it a premeditated ambush as the prosecution contends? Did Jesse Alvarez see Mario Fierro as his arch nemesis, so filled with burning jealousy he had to destroy him? Was it the ultimate revenge against his ex-girlfriend to kill the man she so loved? Or was it, as the defends propounds, an act of self-defense or imperfect self-defense?

It has been three long years since that horrible day, and Jesse Alvarez’ murder trial is at last set to begin. Jury selection will commence next Tuesday, followed by a trial estimated to last three weeks.

In pretrial motions, the defense revealed they will offer expert testimony Jesse suffers from autism spectrum disorder, which causes him to perceive things differently. They also stated the reason Jesse went to Mario’s home was to confront him about giving his ex-girlfriend drugs and alcohol. In response, Mario attacked him, and Jesse reacted in self-defense. Or imperfect self-defense may be raised, which is a killing where the defendant actually believed he was in imminent danger of being killed or suffering great bodily injury and actually believed the immediate use of deadly force was necessary, but at least one of those beliefs was unreasonable. 

The ultimate fate of Jesse Alvarez will soon be in the hands of a jury.

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