Ana & Ali Abulaban

I am excited and honored to announce I am in TikTok Star Murders, a true crime documentary on the Ali Abulaban murder case. It premieres on June 25th on Peacock TV, and streams thereafter.

As an attorney, true crime writer, and legal analyst I have been writing about Deadly Obsession cases and I am currently working on a book. This case took place in San Diego, and it immediately captured my attention. I attended all the court hearings and recent trial and have written stories about this tragic case. One of my stories was found by the producers of this documentary and I was asked to be in the show.

Aleida K. Wahn

To watch Peacock’s official trailer, click on the link below. And here is their story information.

“Social media has a dark underbelly.

From executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, TikTok Star Murders, an upcoming Peacock Original true crime documentary, delves into how the seemingly picture-perfect relationship between a rising TikTok star and his wife turned deadly through private, never-before-aired cellphone footage and audio. The documentary follows the entire tragic story, tracking each step of the case including the recent trial and headline-making verdict.

Ali Abulaban is a TikTok creator who gained popularity under the username JinnKid in late 2019 and is known for his viral impressions, often featuring his beautiful wife, Ana. The couple seems to have it all, but not everything online is as it appears. Under the surface is a struggling relationship, full of domestic violence, and Ali is filming it all.

Narcissism, addiction, and crippling jealousy all play a role in Ali’s desire for control and fame, while Ana seeks independence and a happy life for her and her daughter. The relationship disintegrates, and in October of 2021, the abuse takes a deadly turn that leaves two people dead, and another facing a lifetime behind bars.

The documentary features first-time interviews with close friends and family of the social media-famed couple, commentary from reporter Kelsey Christensen, who interviewed Ali upon his arrest, and insights from a clinical/forensic psychologist.”

This is a powerful story. Please do not miss it!  To read more about the case, please go to my website:

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