Aleida K. Wahn's Book Murder Trials & Cases That Haunt: Will We Ever Know?

This past year, I have been hard at work on two books about the murder trials that I have covered over the years. I am happy to announce that both books are finally done!

In the book, Murder Trials & Cases That Haunt: Will We Ever Know? I examine the murder trials and tragic cases that will forever haunt us. Will we ever know what really happened? Will we ever know why? I was inside the courtroom for every minute of these trials, and I take you into these cases to reveal what happened during the riveting and heartbreaking days of trial. Order your copy today at: Here is a synopsis of the cases:

Did little two-year-old Jahi Turner vanish from a San Diego park or was he killed by his stepfather and “thrown away in the trash like garbage” as the prosecution contended? And why did it take 14 years to charge this cold case? Yet after two long decades the most haunting question of all still remains: Will Jahi ever be found?

What really happened to beautiful Rebecca Zahau, who was found hanging by a noose from a second story balcony of an historic mansion? Her body was nude, making the red rope wrapped around her neck, and binding her arms behind her back and feet, even more prominent. A blue t-shirt was wrapped around her neck and a gag placed harshly in her mouth. Her death was ruled a suicide, a decision her family would never accept. Yet even after a civil jury verdict, the horrifying and bizarre details continue the never-ending debate: Was it murder or suicide?

In January of 1998 12-year-old Stephanie Crowe was found murdered in her own bedroom. Who killed this beloved child in the dark of night? Unbelievably, Stephanie’s teenage brother and his two friends were initially charged after coerced confessions were elicited through fierce police interrogations. But when Stephanie’s blood was found on the clothes of transient Richard Tuite, the case took a whole new turn, culminating in two trials and opposing verdicts.

Then there are the cases that haunt because sudden and senseless deaths seemingly could have been avoided. Though the trials revealed what happened, the searing question of why remains. Could someone have intervened before it was too late? Were signs missed?

In the Regina Johnson case, Regina killed her husband, but did she kill the daughter she so loved? Regina was a loving mother who descended into paranoia and delusions. Could more help have been offered?

In the Salvador Sanchez trial, why did a recent high school graduate, who had spent months fully immersed in his church group and filled with a faith he was eager to share, take the life of his best friend? Was he legally insane?

In the last case, was Navy Petty Officer Richard Sepolio under the influence of alcohol when his truck plunged off the Coronado Bridge killing four and seriously injuring many? Read why the trial was so emotionally charged and the ultimate conclusion so shocking.

As I take you inside the courtroom, you will learn the details and more in these haunting trials we can never forget.

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About Aleida K. Wahn, Esq.

I am an attorney, award-winning true crime writer, and legal analyst of criminal cases. I cover criminal trials and write stories and books about compelling, gripping, and unforgettable cases that impact our world. I take you into the courtroom in high-profile murder trials, rape cases, crimes of passion, cases involving mental illness, deviant behavior, and more. I have a deep passion for true crime, criminal law, and all aspects of the criminal justice system. I have appeared as an expert on true crime shows, including “48 Hours,” “Snapped,” and “The Dead Files,” and provided legal analysis on high-profile criminal trials on Court TV, the Law & Crime Trial Network, Fox 5 News, ABC 10 News, and KUSI News. I also create and host shows with the Del Mar Television Producers Group, addressing criminal justice and social issues in recent criminal trials.

I provided my insight and legal analysis on Court TV and the Law & Crime Trial Network of the high-profile trial of former NFL star Kellen Winslow Jr. It was a trial that captured the nation as the heralded ex-football star with fame, fortune, and a famous name stood accused of multiple rapes and other sex crimes involving five women. As the trial delved into shocking facts, complicated legal issues, and unexpected twists and turns, I was there for every minute. After the trial, I wrote a book on the case, going behind the headlines to share the extraordinary details of what happened inside the courtroom. Judging Winslow Jr.: From NFL Star to Serial Rapist? Inside the Shocking Rape Trial of Kellen Boswell Winslow II is now available on Amazon.

I am passionate about telling true crime stories, as these penetrating stories have the power to move us all, while highlighting societal issues which need to be addressed. I have personally seen the human devastation which is present in each trial and believe there is a lesson to be learned in every single case. It is through awareness and examining critical issues society can effect change and even make new laws. To learn more, please visit:

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