A 15-year prison sentence was not enough for the women who were sexually assaulted by Luis Ramos while they were under anesthesia at the Park Boulevard dental office where he worked for 2 ½ years. Ramos, a 36-year-old former dental assistant pled guilty to 9 felony counts and 3 misdemeanor counts, including sexual battery on a medically incapacitated person and sexual penetration. The plea included 13 women, who ranged in age from 17-62. The assaults were captured on videotape and provided evidence that could not be disputed.

At the sentencing hearing on August 26, 2016, Deputy District Attorney Martin Dole told Judge Michael Smyth that many of the women did not want to be in the same room again with Ramos and requested the maximum time of 15 years.


The victim impact statements began with one woman, barely able to speak through her tears, saying this has “ruined her” and that she had to seek psychiatric help. She said that she could not even enjoy her own wedding day without a call about this case. “The disgust, anger, sadness, never goes away.” She told Judge Smyth “no punishment will ever be enough and it if was up to her he would not even be breathing right now.” She closed by saying she wishes Ramos was never born, and prays that he will never regain his freedom

Other women chose attorneys to speak on their behalf. One attorney said these women should have “carefree tranquility” instead of the depression, anxiety and sleepless nights they are enduring. She stated that one woman could not be touched, even by her husband, and sleeps in a separate room with the door locked. Another attorney said that the sexual attacks have scarred lives and the effects are permanent. They requested a sentence greater than 15 years and implored Judge Smyth to watch the videotapes.

Public Defender Mignon Hilts began by saying, “A person is more than the worst thing they have done.” She described Ramos as a man who had served in the military and had been law abiding until he became addicted to methamphetamine.  She said the root cause of his behavior was alcohol and drugs, which caused him to make a terrible decision.  She told the court that Ramos had remorse and requested one year of custody and long term drug rehabilitation. She emphasized Ramos had already lost everything, his career, home, and must now register for life as a sex offender.

Ramos spoke and gave his “deepest apologies” to the women. He said he lost control with drugs and alcohol, and hopes and prays the Lord will bless the people he hurt. He said he has been blessed with a recent marriage and a newborn baby girl. He requested counseling.

In denying any probation to Ramos, Judge Smyth said this was not a close call, and called Ramos actions a “serial crime spree.” In imposing the maximum sentence of 15 years, he cited the enormity of Ramos’ crimes, the sheer number of victims, that Ramos took advantage of a position of trust, and the victims were as vulnerable as they could possibly be. A lifetime registration as a sex offender was also mandated.